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Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by cpmiller, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. cpmiller

    cpmiller Perch

    I'd be interested in hearing comments comparing phpBB to vBulletin. The objective is to determine whether vBulletin is worth the relatively inexpensive licensing fee for a relatively low volume BB to be used by a police force. (IOW, a good record against hacks would be a Very Good Thing.)

    Also, is there any problem with or restriction on installing vBulletin on a reseller's customer account?

  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    first, no issue in using vB, it is a well coded script it only because and issue when you have many highly active users, and in some respects how much you "mod" it up.

    As for security vB has a better track record IMO. However adding mods just like it can hurt performance it can hurt security.

    I prefer vB from user, mod, and admin standpoint.
  3. cpmiller

    cpmiller Perch

    Thanks, Stephen!
  4. MidWest

    MidWest Perch

    I use vbulletin too, i would perfer it to phpBB. The $160 isnt all that much even for a small forum.

    The only problem I have is that some of their support team can be rather rude at times. When you ask a question they think is easy, or you ask too many questions they just stop responding all togther, at least they did that to me.

    For example, a quote from one of them on one of my support tickets.

    To me it just sounds rude, and snappy. But maybe its just me.
  5. cpmiller

    cpmiller Perch


    I tend to respond....well, let's just say negatively to comments like that. They wouldn't like me very much after I replied. Even less after I called and asked to speak to whatever passes as the owner of the company.

    Thanks for the advice and the heads up.

  6. cpmiller

    cpmiller Perch

    I forgot to ask this before...does anyone know whether attachments can be posted with messages in phpBB? My customer wants to put docs up that can be downloaded/viewed by others who can then comment on the docs.
  7. Defsolutions

    Defsolutions Guest

    I have found vBulletin much better than phpBB... I run a phpBB forums (two of them actually) and I have used vBulletin the ease of the vBulletin is at a better ease than phpBB. phpBB is less secure in my opinion than vBulletin.

    But you can't really go wrong with either though.
  8. arya

    arya Guppy

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