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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by ted_chou12, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. ted_chou12

    ted_chou12 Guppy - a social networking site.
    The NetFriending community consists of generally blogs guestbooks photos and forums. However being the newest online friend searcher it also consists of features such as friend requests and member search.

    NetFriending Online!
  2. jl255

    jl255 Guppy

    nice pleasant, clean design as is normally found with most social sites. some suggestions:
    - to include details on main page on what your site offers as this is the most impt marketing page. Most visitors never even bother to go deeper to find details if they do not get a good idea of what you can offer at first glance.
    - to have quicklinks for member login right at the main page for fast assess to members

    hope this helps & good luck!
  3. ted_chou12

    ted_chou12 Guppy

    thank you very much for your suggestions, i have to say, the design is not mine, is from - Free CSS Website Templates and Resources. Your suggestion about including my site's detail is what i need i think, I dont have much included about it on my main homepage, thanks, I think that is the problem!!!:) thanks so much.
  4. ted_chou12

    ted_chou12 Guppy

    I have already editted the introduction in the main page, please have a look if it is good enough!
  5. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    First thing I noticed on the site is that "sponsors" is misspelled :D
  6. ted_chou12

    ted_chou12 Guppy

    Thanks, I corrected that as well.
  7. ! # Abhi # !

    ! # Abhi # ! Guest

    Hey very appealing site indeed. Good layout, color combination is also good. Hope you do well --best of luck.:D
  8. ted_chou12

    ted_chou12 Guppy

  9. handaajay15

    handaajay15 Guppy

    Nice site. Well Done!!!
  10. Penhall

    Penhall Perch

    Forum spam yet again

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