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Discussion in 'General Web Coding' started by mrb061982, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. mrb061982

    mrb061982 Guppy

    I'm just about finished developing my new site. After getting a few people to review it, I'm concerned about people who use popup blockers. I have 3 sections of my site that use popups (portfolio section, photos, and the "tell a friend" script).

    Do you use a popup blocker?
    If so, use it at work, at home, or both?
  2. WineIsGood

    WineIsGood Perch

    My blocker seems to be blocking those links. Instead of window.open javascript, you could try using a regular link with target=_blank... that should work, however you won't have control over the size and appearance of the new window.
  3. StPatrick

    StPatrick Perch

    I'm using Norton Personal Firewall, which has popup blocker. Works pretty good and didn't blocked popups on your site :)
  4. Bliss

    Bliss Perch

    What's so good about the Norton Popup Blocker? I just use the one that comes with the google toolbar and I'm very satisfied.
  5. StPatrick

    StPatrick Perch

    Well, it's not about good or bad. I just have the firewall installed, so I don't think I need a separate popup blocker since it is already in the firewall, that's all :)
  6. WineIsGood

    WineIsGood Perch

    Hey I heard good things about Google's popup blocker. Do you like it? I use Panicware's popup blocker which is also free. It's good but it sometimes forgets that you've selected a certain domain as ok-to-popup which is annoying.
  7. yorri

    yorri Perch

    I use the google one because I have used the toolbar application for months and use it everyday.

    I am very pleased with the popup blocker as it works..it allows me to turn it off for certain sites and if I want to use a link that opens a new window I just press the ctlr key when clicking the link. I am sure there are many programs out there that have a zillion features (I've seen a few shown on TechTV) but my needs are simple.....just block the popups...and that it does :)
  8. hatton

    hatton Perch

    I'm running EMS Free Surfer mk II, a freeware popup blocker. I actually run it in it's stricter mode, which kills any popups including those activated by a click. There are some times when I have to override the control (easilly done because I know how) but they are rare.
  9. ungrounded

    ungrounded Perch

    I use the Google bar blocker also. It's simple and I've had no problems with it at all. As was already mentioned, if I click on a link and nothing happens I just try it again with the CTRL key and the window pops up. But usually Google is really good about knowing when I've initiated the window vs. the annoying ones. The only site that seems to get past it is CNN.com but only occassionally.
  10. The Frog

    The Frog Perch

    Mozilla user here, so I see no popups. Maybe you need to inform the users to disable their popup blocking?
  11. yorri

    yorri Perch

    Or..just don't use popups. Please don't slap me too hard hehe

    I have switched to using the Yahoo popup blocker because the google one was causing javascript errors on every popup. I have been having problems with my machine lately so I am not going to blame google for this. I think I need to reinstall the OS because I have been testing too much crappy software that has screwed things up. Oh well.

    Anyway I like the Yahoo popup blocker but it doesn't seem to listen when I tell it to not block on certain sites. Maybe version 2 will be better??

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