problem with Access 2000 against mssql 2000 - table locking without release

Discussion in 'Database Support' started by yakov03, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. yakov03

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    We moved from Access97 to Access 2000 and connect the system to ms sql server 2000.

    Untill the database was just untached import from office 97
    all gone well. But after I touched the Access file to enter
    some changes it begin make problems with large tables.
    Let tell more then 200.000 records

    The symptom is that at some stage one of workstations
    lock the table without release. And No one can work.

    I don't give to users source code databases. After office 97
    we realy can't do that. The database can change behavoiour
    when he wants. It's just the question of time.

    By the way I know about Compress-repare and about rebuilding the access file.

    This problem is not every time. some compillations to mde
    get well. but sometimes the compillation just not cooked
    well. Generally I cook the mde file untill I get one that work.

    The problem, that I need do compillations one-one without
    knowing which is good.

    May be somebody know this symptom and can explain what happened.

    sincerelly, Yakov
  2. Snadvatasty

    Snadvatasty Guppy

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