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Discussion in 'Virtuozzo Windows VPS Hosting' started by mchilson, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. mchilson

    mchilson Perch

    I wanted to post this here in case others have this question.

    In the new version of Plesk (Windows) I cannot find a way to give a subdomain it's own Application Pool under a parent domain. It looks like you are forced to run the the subdomains in the same app pool as the main site if you manage them through the interface. I know how to set this up manually but would like to manage it through the interface if possible.

  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    interesting question, one I don't have an immediate answer for, looking as I have time here today :)

    BTW all, this is about Plesk 10.
  3. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    Plesk allow us 3 type of Application Pool Global Settings in IIS. If you select "Always assign application pool for each domain" you will be able to have one application for each domain or subdomain you add.

    However, if you are trying to move subdomain in a separate pool, plesk has no option. You need to do it manually through IIS :
    1) Run > inetmgr > You will get IIS > go to Application Pool > Find the website > Go to properties of that domain > change application pool in Home directory.
  4. mchilson

    mchilson Perch

    Thanks guys,
    Like i said I know I can do it manually.. Was just hoping to be able to manage it through the plesk interface like previous versions.


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