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Discussion in 'Virtuozzo Windows VPS Hosting' started by jkwon00, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. jkwon00

    jkwon00 Guppy

    IIS Error:

    "Unable to use session state server because this version of ASP.NET requires session state server version 2.0 or above."

    That is the error I receive from IIS when I first hit my website or when the application pool get recycled or IIS gets restarted.

    This only happens the very first time I hit my website, any other attempts the website pops up like it should.

    This started happening since the migration to the new servers. I've found some other threads with the same problem but no resolution.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We have seen this for another user as well, and it had no point of resolution found to this point.

    Sorry this forum isn't moderated, but somehow your post ended up being flagged as spam possible and was in moderation and I just noticed it as such, so just allowed.
  3. AndyLL

    AndyLL Perch

  4. jkwon00

    jkwon00 Guppy

    I ended up just switching to "InProc" and working around the issue. I probably wont try to troubleshoot this anymore (going to switch to the HyperVPS from Virtuozzo) but if I do run into this problem when migrating over I'll know what to do. Thanks for your response.

    (.Net 2.0 framework re-install is recommended fix)
  5. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We had this issue happen for a number of users, I don't remember spending hours and hours, and multiple restores working on it for jkwon, but I had for another user at some point in 2010 or 2011. During that time we learned that the aspnet_regsql did not work, nor did even totally reinstalling 2.0 (or 4.0), when on virutozzo. They also attempted to use several other means of making it work automatically like firedaemon and some other solutions, 3 of which on virtuozzo actually crashed the server and prevented it from booting at all. This user has since moved on to HyperV and had no issue at all.

    We did have one user moving to HyperV experience major issues in cpu utilization with their classic asp app, I mean like one user request locking it on 100% cpu usage for hours, we worked on it quite a bit on what we could do from an admin side without reprogramming the site, and found no solution, but moved the exact same code over to windows 2003 and it works flawlessly (even on hyperv). So I guess in some cases, with SQL heavy code, there are still times asp code runs a lot better on Windows 2003 than 2008. (This is actually something that has happened just this last week)

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