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Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by WpgBri, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. WpgBri

    WpgBri Guppy

    I'm considering moving some of my sites here to JodoHost. Seems like a really good package. I'm concerned about site response times. Can anyone indicate how their site responds compared to other good sites (not freebies or the like)?

    Hoping to join you!
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I think most of our customers are considerably happy with site response times but I'll let them answer
  3. devorem

    devorem Perch

    My customers and I have been happy with site response time from JodoHost's servers.
  4. LegalAlien

    LegalAlien Perch

    I'd go further - my websites load much faster here than I ever saw at my previous host.

    For some unknown reason, ftp access is also lightening quick at JH. Logging into other host accounts seems to be much slower...
  5. thdrought

    thdrought Perch

    I am running site mnitoring for a 3rd party company, and in the reports, my response times are much better than the average.

    I am happy with the response times.
  6. WpgBri

    WpgBri Guppy

    Thank you all!

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