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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by equalDS, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. equalDS

    equalDS Guppy

    Hi, like others around here I'm an RC survivor, I'm planning on having both servicies for a couple of months. But I have a couple of questions first.

    1. I've, as I already say, another reseller account, but I'm planning to transfer my service domain to JH. My nameservers are at this moment DNS1.EQUALDS.COM, DNS2.EQUALDS.COM at goddady and I've two other domains registered there. What do I've to do to transfer service domain right? do I've to change it at goddady and asign another nameserver to one of my other domains?

    2. Could you tell me of your last mail server crash, when it was, how long does it take and how did you resolved it? (I'm obsessed about that :rolleyes: )

    3. I'm from argentina, do you have spanish support?

    4. If I sign in today do I have one or two month credit? I've read this thread: Reseller Special - Buy 1 Month and Get 2 Free! and I don't understand why if your promotion is for 1 month you don't change the title, you should...

    5. If I sign in today my billilling periord starts at day 20 every month? or this month you charge me only for 10 days till the end of the month?

    PD: Excuse my english, if theres something you don't understand please you let me know.

  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    2) We have had only ONE mail server crash that resulted in downtime, in our 3 year history. This was in February, 2005 (several months ago). The RAID card failed corrupting the drives on the system. We had to setup a new mail server and restore it from backup. 80% of accounts were restored in 6 hours, the remaining 20% in another 6 hours. All data that was stored by customers on the mail server was totally recovered and intact. Mail that was sent to the mail server during the outage was bounced back to the senders. Since the February crash, we have setup hot standby mail servers that have a mirror of the mail system. In a future crash (a remote possibility), we would be able to restore mail much faster.. We also have a backup relay mail server that would capture incoming mail during any outage. I'd like to stress that we use very redundant high-performance hardware for our mail servers and the chances of such a crash are very remote. But it did happen on February, 2005. I'd also like to stress that our customers were given regular updates.
  3. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest


    1. You can change the nameserver of the Domain from Domain Control Panle (Which ever domain you want to host as a Service domain with Jodohost) .

    2. Our techsupport will answer you about the issue of Mail Server.

    3. To provide support to our clients we are using "English" as Default language. Yes, Hshpere is supporting "Spanish" that you can use.

    4. If you singup today and complete payments for your account todayitself, You will going to get " Buy 1 Month and Get 1 Free!" according to our recent offer .

    5. If you singup today your billing periord starts from today and end on 20th of the next month.

    Please feel free to contact us on Live Chat for instant Assistance or write us at [email protected] for further qurries.

    Thanks with regards
  4. equalDS

    equalDS Guppy

    Thanks for the answers, I've already signed up and I'm waiting for you to verify my billing information, so then I'll ask for some help to configure my new account, thanks

  5. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    I think Billing has already called you and your account is active now.

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