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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by InTheMarket, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. InTheMarket

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    Hi Folks,

    I do have a question regarding the System Domain for H-Sphere. The domain name that I currently use as a "System Domain" is currently pointed to a different H-Sphere host. I am thinking that I need to leave the DNS pointing to that Host for that particular domain until I can move all current clients I have to a JodoHost H-Sphere plan. Is that correct? If so is it possible to somehow move all domains to JodoHost and then as a last step move the System Domain I have? Anyone with thoughts as to how this works?

    I need to use the same Domain Name that I currently have with the old the System Domain Name...since that is what I have registered with 2CO.

    Thanks in advance for thoughts on how I can accomplish this! ;)
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    To move with the same domain, you need to have all the customers already in place here, and files reay for when the DNS changes. If you are hosting static sites this is not too bad, if you have customers with DB driven sites, it can cause issues.

    To move with the same domain you basically need to have all the sites archived(you can do with webshell), then upload them here, and etract them into the customers folders here. Emails you will have to manually recreate and is the most grueling process you will have. Once this is all done for all domains, (along with any mysql and MSSQL databases), you can have all the files here, and switch the main DNS.
  3. equalDS

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    Let me see if I understand too, because I've asked the same in another post, to keep the same system domain we have to, first create all our domains here without setting a service account? and then when we change the DNS we have to create the service account here with our old one?
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    No, the service zone has to be created before you can even create 1 plan. That is why it is so difficultto change names after you have started.
  5. Underdog

    Underdog Perch

    Create your Service Domain. Then create all other accounts.

    When everything is set, and tested via temp domain, then you change your records at registrar.

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