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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by equalDS, Aug 21, 2005.

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    As I wrote here in another post, I have a reseller account in another place and I'm planning to transfer all to JH, for a month or more I'll have both accounts. I've been running some tests here with the nameservers and domains. First I tried to add 2 new nameservers to my service account without changing the domain DNSs, knowing in advance that this was not going to work, but I wanted to try this to see what could happen. I used the same service account here and I registered 2 domains to see how they worked with the mail in particular, but all the mails bounced back to the sender. So I changed my DNS Zone to another domain for the moment until I can change it back to my original service domain. I have recreated my domains in the new DNS zone and when I see my Instant access domain alias at the web services I see it with the first service I created here. Is this wrong? do I have to do something else to change this?
    When the time comes that all my accounts at the other reseller will be backed up and transfered here will I be able to change once again my service account? Which is the most accurate practice to be done?

  2. tanmaya

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    Disable and then enable the instant access domain alias. It should come up with correct domain. If it doesnt, open a ticket.

    Unfortunately Hsphere doesnt accomodate such changes. Even if you remove the current DNS Zone and recreate it, configurations for all domains, including DNS will continue to use the old one.

    It is better to use a different service domain here.

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