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Discussion in 'General Web Coding' started by webmaster, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. webmaster

    webmaster Guppy

    Hi all what is the best method to rewrite URL's
    exsample site.com/proudct.aspx?id=1&startpage=5
    what i want it should rewrite to
    (for Search engines)
    the links from my home page will be with variables but when clicked the server should rewrite the URL,
    if i use redirect (asp.net) will the client browser need to process a new requests
    if yes the log's will be double?
    is there a way just change the URL not reprocess the request?

    I heard from IIS ReWrite and ISAPI ReWrite any one have expernce wich methed it does?

    Thank You
  2. StPatrick

    StPatrick Perch

    I think ISAPI and IIS functions you mentioned belong to some third party component (probably an ISAPI Filter).

    But again. There is already a discussion about search engines. I still don't understand why anybody should care about dynamic pages. As someone said - most of search bots work with them perfectly and those that don't, deserve to die. The information that search engines don't support such urls is very old. Such situation has been present a several years ago.
  3. webmaster

    webmaster Guppy

    StPatrick i whant my pages to live i am working on a website pakage that is being develped so it can be SE frendliy,

    Thank You
  4. WineIsGood

    WineIsGood Perch

    Don't worry about search engines... they'll figure it out. You can have a wacky URL for a product in your inventory and most search engines today will figure it out. They have to -- people don't write websites with search engines in mind!
  5. webmaster

    webmaster Guppy

    I got The Point:)
  6. xscott

    xscott Perch

    I know of many good websites that are not getting indexed by Search Engines because of too many variables in the URL after the ?. 2-3 variables are usually fine but any more than that and you probably won't get deep crawled into your content pages.

    I say build a website for the users but if you are wanting to create an income from your site, the more friendly to the SE's the better.

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