Vista sucks!

Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by ErikP, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. ErikP

    ErikP Perch

    well I bought a new toshiba laptop P105-S6177 it brings vista on it no other way around it..

    I never looked to see if it supported XP and it does not!! anyone have experience with these sort of issues it looks like toshiba will not be releasing any xp drivers..

    oh boy .. :(
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    MS is ending support for XP in Jan,2008. So there is no way for windows users to either use Vista or change platform.

    However in your case Toshiba should give an easy hand as all vista products are XP complaint too (even you can install Apple Tiger also)

    Post your comments once you have solution !
  3. ErikP

    ErikP Perch

    I have looked all over the web for drivers there are alot of fixes

    but no original.. I have problems with adobe photoshop and adonbe ilustrator saying I have no permisions as an administrator..! lol

    the machine runs so much fastero n xp than on vista.. I wish I could really have it installed

    any ways ill let you guys know
  4. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

  5. ErikP

    ErikP Perch

    yeah thats the one I got, i bought it for $1059.00 on best buy
  6. manopb

    manopb Perch

    I suggest 2Gb of Ram for Vista
  7. ErikP

    ErikP Perch

    I am using 2gb ram on my machine works just fine..
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    Hi Erik,

    The notebook is very powerful. If you have the XP you can install it. I had read few days back that Dell is offering XP again as option. Issues that you are facing with Vista will tend to stay until Vista comes in full swing (1-2 years).

    Another thing is that you Vista home Premium is 32 bit. While you can easily run 32 as well as 64 bit program on this machine.

    I am still using Win2k, because I love it. I mean until I have any issue why would I burn my fingers !
  9. ErikP

    ErikP Perch


    i have called toshiba to see but they did not say anything to revert back to xp... I have tried many drivers but have had no luck...

    even the toshiba guy here tried to help me out and could not... the few hours i used xp here it worked awsome..
  10. timruns

    timruns Perch

    I bought a Dell laptop a couple months ago with Home Premium installed. It just did not work right... I sent it back, and they gave me my $$$ back. Too many driver conflicts.

    So, I bought an HP dv9225us with 64bit Vista Ultimate right after that. I cannot say I have found any hardware conflicts since then. Every so often I will come across a program or utility that it cannot run, but for the most part I am very happy with it. I wouldn't say Vista is bad, I would say that its requirements are steep, and that perhaps most hardware is not yet ready for it...

    Just my $.02
  11. skypanther

    skypanther Exalted Code Master!

    I used Vista during the developer releases, community releases, and beta period. Like others have said, the hardware requirements are steep. And Vista runs and looks differently depending on the hardware you have (different UI, which is going to be a nightmare for IT support and training folks).

    I didn't find it particularly better in any way than XP. MS is saying that Vista is so much easier to use and offers so many more hip features for users. Maybe because it's because I'm so used to XP that any change ends up being more difficult for me. Newbies will probably like the new UI, I don't know.

    Way back I felt the same way about XP. I even wrote an article for PC Mag about how it sucked...I knew an editor there but they still wouldn't publish my article, they said opinion articles were only for their staff to write. Funny, they had published my more positive article on Win2K! :)

    I'm just bumming because I have been planning to buy a new laptop in about six months. Getting XP then is going to be tough. It's already hard to find. I may be stuck with Vista.

  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    I too bought a HP, I got the dv9230us model, it is kickin! It is almost identical but mine is the core 2 mobile version of the one you have.

    once I removed the OEM vista premium, and installed my MSDN ultimate, I am really liking it with a few annoyances.

    if I am in terminal services and get a new IM from someone I was chatting with, the window pops up over everything!
    Same for most apps, if I have the KVM on and say watching a server reboot, each time it changes screen resolutions it pops up over anything I do.

    next annoyance, copy and paste on termserv is not working 100%, I use this extensively esp when people want logs of how something happened, etc, typing it all out is simply not an option, so I end up using webmail and mailing myself.... grrr frustrating, a paste should just work!

    Other than that I am using office 07, Vista Ultimate, loads of apps with no issue, sometimes yo will hit a legacy app or adobe app that does like UAC, just go to system compatilbity, and run it in XP SP2 mode, will fix all your problems.
  13. timruns

    timruns Perch

    Oh, yes, Terminal Services...
    Well, since the VPN client I use for one of my clients won't install on Vista, that does suck, since I then have to pull out my old XP laptop. So, I don't have that problem since I cannot use TS on my Vista machine.
    My only complaint with the laptop is I think HP did a really poor job on the case. I think it is sorta 'cheap' -- and it seems to run a bit hot. That said, it performs beautifully (except when i accidentally hit a 'Quick Play' button -- grrr!). I am a bit partial to AMD right now -- and that and the OS were the only two differences between our out of the box machines.

    By the way, it was mentioned in the thread that MS was going to stop supporting XP in Jan 08 -- that sounds contrary to their historical practice of supporting, at minimum, the current and second-most-recent versions of software. Any documentation/links on that?
  14. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    ohh yes, it is here..

    BBC NEWS | Technology | Windows XP to be retired in 2008
  15. timruns

    timruns Perch

    That article is about stopping the selling of WinXP. The MS rep quoted clearly states that support will not be affected at that time.

    Please Verify your Location gives a retirement date of 4/8/2014 for Extended Support (which includes security updates).

    So, yes, you won't be able to buy it after early 2009, but you will still get patches through 2014.

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