Where are the odbcs?

Discussion in 'Cold Fusion MX' started by Shannara, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    Im trying to connect from ColdFusion to mssql. Normally in CF, there is a ColdFusion ODBC created in the CF administration side with all the info needed.

    However, after looking all over HSphere, there are no settings ... It is not possible to use the HSphere ODBC connections because CF does not see them. And since CF does not see those connections, all CF applications cannot use them ...

    So how in the world can we connect to a DB on CF on Jodohost?
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    It is certainly there you need to add it on the plan CF DSN

    However send us all the info and we can make it as well, as a backup plan
  3. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    Where would the plan CF ODBC be located? Ive looked under the Database section, and all that is there is for mysql, mssql, etc, and ODBC. Under that ODBC section is no mentioning of CF ..

    Ok, i headed into the Plan's DNS area, no mention of cold fusion there either. How do I get to the CF area?
  4. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    No reply in a day? hehe, must be night time over there :D

    Found the little tick mark, it is under ODBC Drivers : SQL Server, at the bottom it says ... "ColdFusion MX DSN record".

    Unfortunately, it looks like hSphere wasn't set up to allow users to use this feature. It claims the following:

    Internal Error, Tech Support Was Notified


    Any chance to enable this feature?
  5. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    A day? :)

    A nice morning here at New Delhi, but yes it's night for Stephen.

    There are some known problems with this feature and not exactly disabled at our end.
    Best would be to provide all DSN info in a ticket and techs will create it for you directly in CF-Admin.
  6. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    My apologies :) This is me talking from caffine (soda) induced stupor ;)

    Yeah, I ended up sending in a ticket, yay! thanks!
  7. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    :D I was just out having a day with the family.
  8. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    Family is always good :)

    Anyways, the ticketing system is messed up. I logged in to reply to a ticket (The employee wants the DSN path, never heard of that in my life), and when I logged in, I get another customer's ticket information ....

    My ticket number is : #BFS-81641-136

    And my helpdesk account is now mapped to: <edited>@*****nix-ws.com, aka, another customer's account.

    Who has the ticket number of: #QUW-21483-725
  9. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    Corrected. Your should now see only your tickets.

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