Windows Hyper-V VPS Hosting is available now!

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    On behalf of our Group companies, it is my pleasure to launch following new services:

    a. Windows Hyper-V VPS Hosting: JodoHost existing and new customers can now get power of a full server with dedicated core, IO and RAM. This service runs on Windows Hyper-V. It comes with Windows Web Edition OS installed. Our customer can run demanding business application on these VPS Servers. For webhosting needs, our customers have a choice Plesk or WebsitePanel. Our team will install Plesk when ordered. Our team will do free install of WebsitePanel, with any of the Support Plan when ordered.

    In addition they will run CentOS Linux, if you need to utilize these services with Linux OS we can install it for you with a bit additional setup time, you can email sales for more details, or to plan the Linux install.

    To know more, please visit -

    b. Customized Cloud Hosting: Businesses needing to run their mission critical applications, APYL Inc now have an industry standard infrastructure and expertise. Our team can install necessary hardware and network it to augment the VPS cloud we currently have. Team can install various applications and support your cloud on 24x7, 365 days basis.

    For over a year my team was working relentlessly on several fronts to emerge as a solid end to end IT service provider. As a result, we will be announcing many more new services in coming months.

    I thank my team, most importantly Stephen, Tanmaya and Yash for making this happen.

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