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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by ricka0, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    I won't use either GoDaddy or Yahoo in the future, I'll use Jodo, which should make things easier.

    I don't think you need to contact Yahoo as you were told - I have a full tutorial showing the manual steps to point your domain name to Jodo

    Perhaps I've got it all wrong tho - I still can't ping my old Yahoo hosted domain I'm moving over here.

    The tutorial is at [www]
  2. WebGuy

    WebGuy Perch

    Contacting Yahoo! is required to create your own private nameservers... honest... I wouldn't kid you. :D

    I'm not sure what your tutorial does (I only skimmed through it), but it obviously doesn't do what you were hoping it did. One other thing it doesn't do... create private nameservers for a Yahoo! registered domain name through MelbourneIT.

    It must be getting late... if you want to get this straightened around once and for all... pm me, and I'll call you tomorrow.
  3. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    But I think Yahoo support would :D
    Perhaps thru MelbourneIT - But my tutorial clearly shows creation of private nameservers. In Yank land they no longer do it manually thru escalation - now you have to do it.

    The Yahoo domain is, my company - which has the lowest priority right now. Getting my customers goDaddy stuff up and running is first priority.

    Thanks for the offer - I'll suffer thru it for now and perhaps open a ticket.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    I don't normally do this, but if you want, I can get your account setup within the next 24 hours, but will need access to your godaddy account to do so. I would also need the desired names for the accounts here(which I think I know by now). If you want me to do this, you can send a ticket addressed to me and I will take care of it.

    I understand if you don't as you might have a lot of domains in godaddy or something(I know I do!), but the offer stands, if you want to take me up on it.
  5. WebGuy

    WebGuy Perch

    There's an offer I'd advise you to take up... unless you enjoy this sort of torture you're putting yourself through. Stephen has access to your CP and with access to your domain registration CP he'll have this finished faster than you can type your thank you message to him.

    For the record... Yahoo! does not register domains, they simply resell services provided by MelbourneIT, much the same way you resell services from JodoHost, or in the same way as others resell domains from DirectI. Further to this... in Yank land it was previously available to create private nameservers through the interface, but a change in policy at Yahoo! at the beginning of the year now requires you to follow the procedure I outlined earlier.
    Evidence exhibit 1: I have private nameservers setup now.
    Evidence exhibit 2: You don't have private nameservers setup yet.
    Case closed.

    I'm not trying to be confrontational (I hope you don't take it that way) but I simply want others who read this to get all the facts correctly. I've been mislead in the past by following the instructions of well meaning individuals in forums who didn't get all their facts first.

    Good luck getting your hosting plan setup correctly. Don't be afraid everyone... It usually isn't this difficult.
  6. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    Nothing of the sort - you've been exceptionally helpful - you're just trying to help and I appreciate it.
    As a logician I can't resist pointing out the logic flaw to your assertion:
    1. It's very likely they did the transfer as you suggest ( a fact I'm sure) -> That in no way implies Yahoo followed correct (current) Yahoo protocol on your domain name (ie, they were following the old protocol - so I've been told).
    2. >>You don't have private nameservers setup yet.
    Ah, but that's because I'm not as smart or experienced as you. :) Even tho I'm following correct protocol, I still must do many manual software parameter tweaks to get it working. I think the error is what I've set up on the Jodo end.

    The only error from
    now is ERROR: I couldn't find any A records for But I did find a referral to

    This tells me I don't have A records set up correctly at Jodo but things are set up correctly at Yahoo (right ???)

    This is low priority, it's my site so I'll work on it last.
    An independent observer would be forced to bet on you - you know much more about this than me, you've got your stuff working - but I still think I *might* be right.
  7. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    Ticket 60264 created.

    I'm betting I did the goDaddy stuff right but have the Jodo stuff all messed up. I'll find a way to repay Stephen - I left Microsoft a year ago (after 7 years) and still have deep contacts at MS - someday I'll solve a problem for him.

    (I'll bet I could give them the magic performance counters to record - I could review them and tell them what to change and dbl server performance overnight- I ran the internal Performance Web site at MS )
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Rick, that is not in our ticket system, I think you may have submitted it to your reseller ticket system. I will find it and work on it when my shift starts in the morning. Thanks, and hope we get this all worked out shortly.
  9. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    Ahh, that would explain the previous two unanswered tickets I opened :)

    I'm not in a Rush - I've got a software delivery due for a cust this week. Dbl thanks for your effor.
  10. WebGuy

    WebGuy Perch

    Hey Handy Rick,

    We should probably take our verbal sparing to a PM since it probably doesn't bring anyone else much benefit.

    However... here's another handy tool:

    Oh...look at that... a MelbourneIT domain. And believe me when I tell you that this Yahoo! domain does not have any private nameservers. I have no idea what Yahoo! told you or what they made you do, but whatever it was it did not "register private nameservers".

    Here's some other tools you might find helpful

    How much was that bet? :D
  11. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Hello Rick,

    I almost have this done, do you want your main domain to be on windows or unix?
  12. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    Win03 Server - I'm a former MS guy :) Was I missing the a-record on the Jodo side?
  13. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    No, you were setting up all the domains in the spot where you only needed one. The customer signup process will handle and create all the other DNS zones, you don't have to do it manually. :)
  14. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    This should be down to the last DNS propagation now, DNS report is looking good, I still can't access the temp alias myself, yet. But it should work very soon.

    You should have gotten an automated email.

    Please add you new domains inside this control panel, go to Domain Settings from the drop down, and Add New Domain, when doing that use the transfer existing domain option, it will create all the proper DNS entries automatically, and you will be on your way.
  15. ricka0

    ricka0 Perch

    Great work Stephen ! - owe you one for that.
    I'm logged into H-SPHERE - looks like I just start adding all my other domains.
  16. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I just edited previous post with directions on doing that. :D

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