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    Database Reporting With PHP

    Ok so im working on a site and want to be able to run some reports for users based on querys and such. Now im wonder what can i use for reporting, Ive used Crystal Reports before and liked that but it seems its mostly a .NET thing and I dont want to have to change over all my stuff anyone got...
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    Christmas Morning and Stephen Working Hard!

    Well i went to check my site and it wasn't coming up, so i hit the forums to see Win6 is down and Stephen is at the DC redoing the server. Talk about dedication, hopefully you gave him a nice bonus this year! :P
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    Log files (AWStats and Webalyser)

    I had that problem along with a few others on WIN6 earlier this month I think they were upgrading crap or somthing but it eventually turned back on
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    AWStats config

    Werking great for me thanks.
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    AWStats config

    There any admin who can look into why they aren't updating themselves i really do not want to have to put in requests for updates.
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    AWStats config

    Ok I have a new problem now.. my webalizer working.. but it hasn't updated itself since the 2nd of the month. Also when i log into AWStats i get this error. CGI Error The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are...
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    AWStats config

    HostnameLookups On Wondering if thsi can be turned on when i lookup for hosts all i get is ips nothing gets resolved
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    Creating collapable/expandable trees in php

    Are you able to help me wit hthe js i hate java :( trying to do a few things i mostly do .NET programming
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    Creating collapable/expandable trees in php

    Title says most of it im wondering how i can create basic collapseable/expandable trees with php/mysql using mysql to fill in data. Im very new to php but i have a good coding background so if someone could give me an expample that would be great!
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    S-l-o-w Cp?

    I just have a very slow inital login once in it runs fairly fast for me.
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    Internal HD Bays

    Ive been searching all around for my computer case i need to mod it and add in some Internetal HD bays but i need them custom made to fit extra drives does anyone know where a place sells them online or can get a quote?
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    Send me gmail invite, please

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    Irritating adware problem

    If you just post your Hijackthis log i can probably tell you whats ad/spyware crap
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    possible routing hijack?

    Ok so i own the domain "" I just punched in today to find it routed to a new website in texas or some craps,i tracert the domain it lands here on jodohosts server where it should be sp im curious if there is some wrong doing by someone here or somthing?
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    Ok ive never setup a forum before... can you recommend a good easily configurable free one?