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    null value error

    Datatype: int Identity: Yes Identity Seed: 1 Identity Increment: 1 is the default created by the upsize wizard in Access when a field is AutoNumber. It should work fine.. but maybe that's not the cause of your problem.. try to remove the last line and see what happens
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    How Long to Load

    I have dial-up too and it takes 10-15 minutes here to.. this is because of the large amounts of data Enterprise Manager downloads.. weird MS hasn't made it so that only databases where the logged in user has access is downloaded..
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    Bandwidth throttling

    It may be the connection between US and Australia or something.. try to check where the other company is located..
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    To all you thinking of using JodoHost

    wise words!
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    Email notification of virus by ClamAV

    Okay.. Thanks for the answer, but it would have been nice if you could have told me in the ticket instead of waiting for a response.. A "We are lokking into it" message is better than no answer at all you know
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    spam from my computer

    you should also try to search for viruses and spyware as that is probably the reason for your problems
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    Email notification of virus by ClamAV

    When a Virus is found in an Email, the Email gets deleted. When some viruses are found, and email is sent to the address that received the virus: ============================== From: <my email> To: <my email> Subject: Virus Worm.SomeFool.P found in attached mail by ClamAV. ClamAV...
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    Restarting Servers

    remember the MDAC problems in 2k3! There is a thread at WWF which may solve that problem though..
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    Files to Delete

    if you are using ASP.Net you will need the aspnet_client folder and everything inside it.. the cp folder stores some info about the domain for the control panel I tihnk.. DO NOT delete these two folders.. the index files is so that users visiting the site don't get a 404 page not found error
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    FTP Help

    hmmm... I think he said
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    SomeFool Worm in Emails

    Hi sometimes I receive an email like this: _________________________________________ From: ------ To: [same address as above] Subject: Virus Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1 found in attached mail by ClamAV. ClamAV anti-virus scanner has intercepted and deleted a message. The following is a...
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    Slow times on the forum

    I think it is because everything is running without big problems.. and if there are some small things, we submit tickets (as Yash has told us to do).. I visit the forums two to three times a week at least, but I usually forget to answer any posts, as I hang around on loads of other sites the...
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    ASP / .NET for Apache?

    I believe it is possible to run both IIS and Apache on the same box if you use different ports.. not sure though
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    Virus name: Worm.SomeFool.P

    eeeeh.. I leave that to you :D
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    Virus name: Worm.SomeFool.P

    what does that virus actually do? does anybody know?