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    New hosting packages -grandfathered in

    With these new hosting packages, will currently clients be fathered into the new packages? Example, my client is on a windows server with 5gb bandwidth a month. Will get get moved to the 10 gig? Thanks, Bryan
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    Alternate to port 25 for sending mail?

    Hi, is there an alternative to port 25 for sending out email that I could use. I am on SBC DSL, and apparently SBC has blocked port 25, but if I am trying to use as my mail server, I don't know if its ultimately SBC's issue or not. Anyways, I am looking...
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    My site isn't working

    Hi, my site, is not working. Not sure if its something with Jodohost or me. I can access my account just fine, but the site won't come up. Thanks Bryan
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    What is a reseller account

    Ok, another question :) I was reading this tutorial, and when it came down to the expenses, I kinda got confused. Lets say that I, hypothetically, created a reseller account with Jodohost, the $35 silver plan. So then Client "A" and I start talking...
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    What is a reseller account

    Well, support in terms of email, ftp, etc..., but with coldfusion and jodohost, I always have to let them know to make a DSN for me on their end, so I assume that would be the same. I get a new client, I set them up with their domain name, email, ftp, etc... and then if they require a coldfusion...
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    What is a reseller account

    sorry if this is a newbie question, but I have to ask. What is a reseller account? Is a reseller account basically where I, the owner of the account, could then tell clients that I have a hosting solution and I charge them for the hosting, but in the end, I pay , lets say, $35/ month to...
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    Control panel cannot be displayed

    Mine isn't. Mine won't even come up. I am trying to send a support ticket because the mysql issue I had on Friday (which was temporarily fixed by you guys) is now on the quirks again. But I can't send a support ticket since I can't access HSphere.
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    Email Server down?

    Sorry, No I haven't. I will.
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    Email Server down?

    A few of my clients have been experiencing email issues lately. One of them, on the linux package, said an individual didn't get his emails for 9 hours. Another client said her email stopped working yesterday. She can send mail out, but won't receive any. I personally just tested my...
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    Question about packages

    On the Windows Package details page, it lists the types of databases that can be used. It has 1 database for each type. Does that mean I am allowed ONLY 1 database for my shared hosting, or I am allowed 1 database PER type for my shared hosting? Make sense? Thanks
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    Standard vs. Coldfusion HOsting

    Thanks Yash. I am curious about something though, is DISK USAGE on a day by day basis? Like yesterday, I guess I spiked or something because I hit my 200mb of 200mb. But my average is like 50mb. So I am confused exactly how disk usage works.
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    Coldfusion + SQL Server

    Does Coldfusion work with SQL Server? My current setup uses a mysql database, but I wondered if I would get better speed and stability via SQL server. Just curious. Thanks
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    Standard vs. Coldfusion HOsting

    nobody? I guess what I am getting at is that if I go to my control panel and choose upgrade plan and choose Silver. Will I be offered a choice of Standard or Coldfusion? Because I am on a coldfusion enabled account, will it automatically have coldfusion as my account choice?
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    Standard vs. Coldfusion HOsting

    First off, I have been with Jodohost for a while now so I am unsure of whether I just got grandfathered into a particular package or if I have the ability to use ASP and Coldfusion as of now. The packages on the homepage seem to suggest either Standard or Coldfusion (one or the other). I am...
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    Cant ftp onto

    I am having trouble logging into with my username and password. In fact, all I get is -------- Finding Host ... Connecting to Connect failure -------- The ftp information is correct. I already did a help ticket for my client...