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    MS Sql Express support? WebPi Support?

    Sounds like Parallels left a lot of hosters hanging with their slow development.
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    MS Sql Express support? WebPi Support?

    Good to know. What about 2008 in VPS?
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    Has anyone installed Umbraco on Jodohost?

    4.5 is supposed to support medium trust. 4.0 didn't. Which version are you referring to? Thanks.
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    MS Sql Express support? WebPi Support?

    Ok I meant web deployment packages, which I guess is IIS 7. I suppose I'm concerned with forward technologies since I've read on this forum that hsphere isn't being developed and that is a reason given for not implementing certain technologies. I'm trying to evaluate hosting since I'm going...
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    MS Sql Express support? WebPi Support?

    Does Jodohost support either of these?
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    Has anyone installed Umbraco on Jodohost?

    Does it work?
  7. J 3.5

    I tried searching for this, but the search returns zero results for everything I search for. Anyway does jodohost support .net 3.5, if so what servers?
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    I'm guessing you are getting an error? What is it? The string can't be null or empty.
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    I just installed on to my windows account. Seems to work for the most part. Has anyone else ran it? I'd like to get the zip upload and download working but not sure if that's possible. Does anyone know of other good galleries? I wanted ones but...
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    SQL Connection String Problem

    Make sure your account is for .net 2.0 if that is what you are coding in.
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    Server Error in '/' Application in

    Ya I figured that out. I don't understand why they don't default to .net 2.0 instead.
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    Mod_rewrite alternative in ASP

    .net you can create a httphandler to do url rewritting. I'm sure if you search you can find a dll out there.
  13. J forums and cms

    Neat. I'm half tempted to try and write my own. good experience and can never have enough :P
  14. J forums and cms

    Because asp is unsupported and a scripting lanugage. I suggest skip asp and jump into .net. Plus I use it at my job, so I prefer it.
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    Re: Please see my site :) I'm being picky. No ASP.nt forums look impressive, besides community server that is. Maybe because they have a professional design.