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    Downloading a database backup

    I'm not sure if I ever logged a ticket for it, but I would have tried that option. Of course, a self-service type thing would be more practical for everyone. SQL backups are normally made to a local disk, I don't think it even supports network shares directly. Any remote tool would need to have...
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    Downloading a database backup

    I'd like to be able to download a full backup of my SQL Server database from time to time. For example, when I want to make some changes to an existing site, I prefer taking the latest live database over an empty one, and restore that on my local staging environment. I found an old post that...
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    MVC3 at JodoHost

    Hi everyone, I have created a new ASP.NET application for a hobby project, and I'm trying out some new'ish technologies: ASP.NET MVC 3 Entity Framework 4.1 Code First ("Magic Unicorn Edition") Microsoft Async CTP I'm hosting this project at JodoHost. Entity Framework 4.1 runs...
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    Discussion on Jodohost moving ahead - Resellers

    Will all IPs be changing? I have a VPS server in the - range. The machine has an IP-based trust with a network of servers that I will need to update. This might take a while, so I would like to be notified ahead of time if a new IP needs to be assigned.
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    SQL Management Studio on MSSQL12

    I'm using SQL Management Studio 2008 to manage a number of databases on different servers, including some databases at JodoHost. Up until recently, my databases were on MSSQL1 and MSSQL4 (cluster1). However, since I had need of SQL Server 2005+, I have created a database on MSSQL12. For some...
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    US DST ends tonight

    Hmm, 1 week later than Europe.. Why do they have to make this stuff complicated :)
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    URL Rewrite HTTP Module

    The MVC Framework is one example of this, but yes, it is a common use. It's good to know anyway, I had started on a MVC website of my own without giving it much thought. Then again, I'm not sure I'll ever finish it :)
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    URL Rewrite HTTP Module

    When using IIS6, the code in the module is only executed if the requested URL is set to be handled by ASP.NET in IIS. Try requesting something with an .aspx extension and see if your code fires then. With full access to IIS settings, you can change the defaults so pretty much everything gets run...
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    Security - HttpWebRequest

    Posting data through HttpWebRequest is not disallowed in any way. There must be some other reason this isn't working, but without more information it's impossible to tell for sure what that reason is. The remote server replies with a 403 error, which suggests you need to be logged in there...
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    IE Tester - Multiple IE versions in one package

    It works quite decent, I've used it in the past :) I was quite happy to find it, since Multiple IE was no longer being updated and I wanted something with IE8 support.
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    Removing duplicates from a List

    Hmm, that would have worked. For some reason I wasn't sure that it would maintain item order, but since it is an extension method of IEnumerable, that makes sense. Looking at the Distinct implementation, it appears to use an internal Set class very similar to HashSet. In fact, apparently I'm not...
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    Hmm, sounds like it's using COM / ActiveX, because .NET doesn't use HRESULTs. PS: I doubt that trust policy configuration is still fully up to date with the current server settings at JodoHost :(
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    Custom Membership

    The error message led me to believe you were: You might want to check your connection string, just to be sure.
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    WinHttp.WinHttprequest.5.1 ASP.Net 3.5

    It doesn't use COM to do it's job, and it's more tailored to the .NET way of doing things, but I'm pretty sure it would get the job done. That being said, I think some other thread said something about not allowing outgoing socket connections in .NET at all.. ..okay, I tested it, and it works...
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    WinHttp.WinHttprequest.5.1 ASP.Net 3.5

    How silly of them :D