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    IPV6 moving forward

    Another problem is neither H-Sphere nor Virtuozzzo 3.x supports IPv6. However, we are ensuring our network infrastructure is fully ready for IPv6 and we may request an ipv6 block when the software is ready.
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    WinCF2 - very bad situation (sites are down)

    We apologize for your situation. Migrating WinCF2 was a must to ensure better stability/performance for the server. Your issue should be resolved shortly.
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    Live Chat up but no operaters

    If you can't reach us on Live Chat, you can always call our office. We are staffed 24x7x365 - so there should always be operators on Live Chat.
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    Why can't we upgrade our database to latest SQL version

    Our Resellers are being offered the latest version of database software being supported by HSphere. We are looking into SQL Server 2008 as well.
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    Happy New Year

    Our growth has been moderate by all standards - the global recession/slowdown has definitely impacted a part of our client base, which also impacts us. At the end of the day, our success is largely dependent on the success of our clients. We are hoping as the economy picks up, more consumers...
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    Happy New Year

    Our email and database clusters, managed by HSphere - are being referred to as clouds on our homepage. To us, a cloud is a scalable/elastic platform for our services. HSphere's cluster meets some of the elasticity/scalability requirements to be referred as a cloud (according to us). We are...
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    JodoHost completes 7 years in Business

    Dear Customers, As JodoHost completes 7 years in business, and enters its 8th, we'd like to thank all our customers for their continued patronage. We at JodoHost have been under single ownership and management since our inception, an accomplishment very few companies can claim in this...
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    What is SQL Azure?

    It's pretty much acts and behaves like SQL Server 2008, from all I have read. We are evaluating setting up SQL Server 2008 as well.
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    As a US Registered company, we follow all US Export Laws and Restrictions as well as any applicable federal or state laws.
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    Who is this man?

    Good to see all the lights are green! :)
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    Who is this man?

    Stephen is the god of all Windows servers! He deserves to be there :)
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    Google Wave

    Has anyone looked into the Google Wave demo? What do you guys think? A lot of that was done using Reverse AJAX kind of services...
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    live chat

    equanimity, the feedback I'm getting is that Stephen as well as Manish have been constantly monitoring the db server as well as the web server, looking for your problem. Right now, everything is working fine. I'm sure they will catch it soon
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    live chat

    Having someone look at the server, what SQL server is this again?
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    phpbb3 not possible at Jodohost? PHP abuse issues.

    The database remains on the database server, you need to re-upload the files to the new account. I've shifted a few sites around, took less than 30min. But yes, it is a manual and inconvenient procedure