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I have a board running at http://www.chillywhack.com/forum/ and there are 2 features that I am not sure of at this time:

1. The e-mail under it lists several options that can be used for registration/notification purposes:

***************** snip ******************

To be able to use the email notification you need to have either CDONTS, CDOSYS, W3 JMail, Persists AspEmail, or SeverObject AspMail component installed on the web server.

Check with your web hosts as to which they have installed, free web hosts usually don't have any installed.

Windows Win2k and XP Pro users - CDOSYS comes installed on Win2k and XP Pro.

Windows NT4 and Win2k users - IIS 4 and 5 on NT4 and Win2k installs the CDONTS email component by default, but you need the SMTP server that comes with IIS installed on the web server as well (This is the email component that most web hosts will use).

Windows 9x users - I'm afraid Windows 98 does not support the CDOSYS or CDONTS email components so if you enable this feature and try to test it on a Windows 9x system the Guestbook will crash!!

The personal version of the JMail email component is free and can run under Win98, NT4, and Win2k, Win XP, but you must install the component on the web server and requires that you enter the address of a working SMTP server.

If your forum crashes after enabling email notification, you may have the incorrect settings, check with your hosting company as to the correct settings. Some web hosts don't allow the sending of emails to non local email addresses.


Are any of these available through JodoHost?

2. It has an upload component that can be used and it has these available. I saw the KB article on ASPUpload, but was bit confused. Is this just unavailable?


To be able to use file and image upload in your forums, you must have an upload component installed on the web server, if you are unsure about this check with your web hosts, if they have any of the upload components mentioned below installed.

If you run the web server yourself then you could download and install one of the following supported components.

You will also need to make sure that the upload folder has write permissions and is inside the root of your website.

Persits AspUpload 2.x or above
Component available form www.aspupload.com
Dundas Upload 2.0
Free component available from www.dundas.com
SoftArtisans FileUp 3.2 or above (SA FileUp)
Component available form www.softartisans.com
Free component available from http://www.aspsmart.com
Free component available from http://www.asphelp.com - The ASP File System Object is also required when using this component, check with your host that they have not disabled it.



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StPatrick said:
Well, AspUpload as well as FileSystemObject are both available on JodoHost. What help do you need with it?

This probably should be posted in web programming forum...if you are asking for programming help :)

also...if you want help...just saying you need help isn't going to help us help you....explain what you need help with :)
Re: Answered one of em...

Everything with WWF should work with the default settings. I am running the forum myself and am very familiar with the code.
One of those components are available in each case. You wouldn't have any trouble running WebWizForum because we have many customers running it themselves. Regarding ASPUpload, certain functions have been disabled that present a security risk to a shared hosting system. These functions are commonly disabled by hosting companies and it is advised by the developers of ASPUpload itself to do so. A list of alternative functions are available. Since this is common, I believe WebWizForum uses the alternative functions as well.