A new forum for dev jobs on offer?

Discussion in 'General Web Coding' started by antic, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. antic

    antic Perch

    Just an idea.. does anyone think it would be useful having a forum here, where people can hire developers or designers for various tasks, all within the Jodo community?
  2. manopb

    manopb Perch

    If you mean... removed from the main forum like the 'Customers Only' area here on this forum, sounds good to me.
  3. antic

    antic Perch

    Yep, customers-only would be the way to go.. it would add value to being here, since there's already a global community going. More value-add depending on exchange rates. :)

    I can also see that Jodo would not want any disappointing experiences to reflect on them either.. not that it should.. but it may not be their policy to encourage it.. but one can only ask.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I'd be willing to do it, maybe even kick start it with a quickie job :D
    BTW checked mail this morning and got yours(antic) seems I don't need to do that so I did not reply :)
  5. kujo2123

    kujo2123 Perch

    I would second the motion in case the need arose to out-source something.
  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    ok not an overwhelming number of people voted, but pretty good response considering it is in a subforum here.

    i will try to have something up in customer only section tomorrow and kick start it as well :)
  7. antic

    antic Perch

    Cool! Someone already contacted me for some assistance, so it seems there might be a smidge of need here and there.
    Just gives people another option to hiring from agencies for odd jobs.
  8. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    Idea is good, we can have Jodo Developers Community Forums.
  9. timruns

    timruns Perch

    Well, if Antic is already picking up work off this board, I don't want to be left out!!! 8o

    Anyone need DotNetNuke help? I can do other stuff, but our company specializes in DotNetNuke installations, maintenance, and hosting.
  10. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

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