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Discussion in 'AJAX Snips' started by zaboss, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. zaboss

    zaboss Perch

    Any samples, tutorials, hints? All I could find was php and .Net.
  2. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    you could probably incorporate any sample into your script, because AJAX is a combination of client side technologies...
  3. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    ajax isn't language specific. it's just javascript and xml. for an example, you can look at my control panel login page http://www.jonyah.com

    It uses ajax to handle the log to jodohost's control panel without reloading to display errors.
  4. jechilt

    jechilt Guppy

    actually, ajax is not "just" javascript and XML. XML is the most common method to get data from a server side call. If you are manipulating the DOM, you can use XML if you are getting a lot of information, but a simple text string often suffices. The most common space I have seen ajax is by replacing a div tag with innerHTML.

    AJAX, in my mind more accurately is enhanced javascript by which asynchonis calls are made to the server, resulting in the ability to manipulate webpages without reloading them...

    just .02 worth.
  5. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    The term AJAX is Asynchronous Javascript and XML, so as AJAX is concerned it is just XML, but the same results can be done without XML as you said. In fact the control panel I mentioned above doesn't use XML, but is more of a demonstration of what AJAX written pages can do.

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