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Discussion in 'General Web Coding' started by jonyah, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    I know many woud like to repace the login page for the control panel with a custom form on their own site. The only problem with that is if the user enters anyting incorrecty, they are sent to the hsphere page.

    I spent a few hours today writing a script using the ajax methodolody and though others would like to see what I've done and possibly use it. I'm not exacty using XML (i use my own format), but I did this in a way to get around Mozilla's block on cross-domain scripting.

    I'll post all the code later if anyone wants it. I'm headed out on the town in a few minutes but wanted to post what I've done. The look and feel mimics the default look of hsphere. There is a display issue with IE right now when using the dropdown "forgot password" feature, but all the functionaity does work (I hate IE and only use FireFox). The cool thing is that the actual error (if login doesn't work) is displayed without a page turn.

    Anyway, you can view the script and play with it at http://www.jonyah.com

    I'll have the IE issues fixed probably tomorrow if I get time to work on it. I did use a js library from aculo.us for the shaking, drowndown and blinking (all of which can be disabled).

    Anway, enjoy.
  2. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    make sure you do incorrect logins to see the functionality and test out the "lost pasword?" feature.
  3. Emagine

    Emagine Perch Staff Member

    i use the Hsphere control panel but am also working on a control panel that works along side Hsphere with the XML API

    i have a compete system running including a forum, mass mail manager, ip justification, archive manager, and am working on a 'Compact H-sphere'

    all this is under one login access all areas

    next thing im working on is the custom sign up system but am getting errors.

    are you fumiliar with xml and soap?

    could do with a hand on this situation :(
  4. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    yes i am famiiar with those. I didn't reaize hsphere had an API exposed we could work with. Looks I may have to find more time to look into that. Feel free to PM me to look into helping out with what you currently have.

    I'm not exactly using this reseller account for selling hosting but for my clients that I develop for that don't already have hosting (as well as my own dozen or so sites). So having something like this isn't that important for me, but I always enjoy something new to develop against.
  5. enforcer

    enforcer Perch

    Interesting... I was looking for somthing similar, preferably in PHP.

    By the way, when the user logs out of H-Sphere, are they sent back to the H-Sphere login page or back to your site?
  6. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    it will log out to the hsphere site unfortunately. i'm working on a version of this to use for the mail login now.
  7. Am a Geek

    Am a Geek Perch

    Cool implementation.

    Fine effects ;)
  8. wakextreme

    wakextreme Guppy

    Very cool. Exactly what i've been looking for. Can i get the source for this.

  9. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

  10. wakextreme

    wakextreme Guppy

    Thanks alot. If i convert teh asp pages to php will everythign still work properly? Also you said you were working on a versson for the mail login. did you ever happen to get taht done

  11. wakextreme

    wakextreme Guppy

    Would anybody be able to convert this to php for me. I'm having trouble doing so.

  12. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    never got around to working on the mail login script. yes you can convert to php easily and everything will work fine.
  13. wakextreme

    wakextreme Guppy

    Thanks man. I got it working with php just took me some to look over the code. It was my first time working wiht ajax.

  14. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

  15. skypanther

    skypanther Exalted Code Master!

    Willing to share your code?

  16. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

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