ALL sites on win6 and win18 cannot use CDOSYS since move

Discussion in 'Email Support' started by mtm81, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. mtm81

    mtm81 Guppy

    ALL sites on win6 and win18 (and possibly others?) are erroring when using the CDOSYS component. This was working fine until the move.
    Current support ticket on the matter has had a single unhelpful response in 6 hours.


    Poor service on this ..
    Live Chat also going unanswered...
  2. Shubham

    Shubham Windows Team Staff Member

    We have replied your support ticket "#516442" now.
    We have option enable on server which is require that domain name in the user address during SMTP authentication should coincide
    with the domain name in the MAIL FROM address field. If you still face any issue. Please update us on ticket

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