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Discussion in 'AJAX Snips' started by jarretf, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. jarretf

    jarretf Guppy

  2. 01jodo

    01jodo Guppy

    Are you try Ajaxium? Ajaxium is designed as an ultimate AJAX engine
    for the entire ASP.NET pages including all standard,
    custom and most of third-party ASP.NET controls.

    In contrast to other AJAX-based approaches and huge AJAX
    frameworks, Ajaxium-powered sites remain accessible to all
    search engines and old browsers due to an automatic and silent
    degradation to the classic ASP.NET.
  3. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Just had a look - rather expensive, especially as the new Microsoft offering is free!

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