AspJpeg Help, I am failing in something?


I hope that some of you can help me in this..., I have east code:
Set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg")
Jpeg.Open( Server.MapPath(ThumbImagen) )
Jpeg.Quality = 100
If ancho = 0 Then
	Jpeg.Width = Jpeg.OriginalWidth
	Jpeg.Height = Jpeg.OriginalHeight
	Jpeg.Width = Jpeg.OriginalWidth * ancho / Jpeg.OriginalHeight
	Jpeg.Height = ancho
End If
ThumbImagen = Jpeg.SendBinary
Set Jpeg = Nothing

And nevertheless images is terrible, and no longer encounter the solution to this, I am failing in something? ?(

Thanks guys :D
The code is correct, she was I who I was passing him width and high to the image (for that reason it saw it bad, things that happens, hehe) :tongue:

Thanks equal in case somebody has been bothered to read this.