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  1. MidWest

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    I would like to use PayPal to make the hosting payment. Will this payment be withdrew from my PayPal account or directly from my bank account?

    Some companies are using the eCheck feature now. If its taken directly out of my PayPal I need to deposit the money about a week a head of time.

  2. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    You can use paypal for pay by eCheck.

    When your paymante is due, payment reminders will be sent with paypal payment link. It will take you to paypal site where you will authrize the payment.

    Alternatively you can pay us any amount any time by paypal. For this select Billing in your Control Panel, then Billing Profile. Go down on billing profile page, next to submit query button enter amount you want to pay in 00.00 format and press submit query.

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