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Discussion in 'Email Support' started by microweb, May 12, 2016.

  1. microweb

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    It appears that is on some black lists again.

    When I ping I get one IP address ( that is not on any blacklists.

    However, if I send an e-mail to AOL's IP Verification e-mail, the IP address that they get the e-mail from is

    If I send an e-mail to another address and look at the headers, the received from IP address is (which is not on any blacklists).

    Why so many different IP addresses for one e-mail? We've had a few tickets opened for this same domain and it gets fixed for a little while and then the problem starts up again.

    Is there any way for you to track down the domain that is causing the black list issues for that server? Just changing the IP address of the mail server is a band aid that won't resolve the issue once and for all.

    My current ticket number is: FMU-42451-590
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We use outgoing anti spam gateways, and honestly some of the services like Microsoft, AOL, and verizon blacklist 100% legit and non spam emails often. I've got a gateway setup for one VPS client that isn't shared with anyone else, and he was having verizon block it often. Via the gateway we could track the sent mails amounts, spam scores of the mails, and subject line, and we could clearly see it was legit mailing for purchase orders, invoices, and product inquiry responses only. Verizon had no retort to the delist request when presented with the fact that there was no spam sent, they just delisted it, and it hasn't happened again so far. With the shared side, there are more spams sent, the majority from hijacked, stolen, weak, or infected computers or devices for mail addresses, even with the anti spam gateway a few can make it through before the scoring updates, and this makes some blacklistings. We don't often change the IP address, but when we do it is because we work to get the last one delisted, and blocking mail in the meantime helps no one, but often even these listings aren't from spam, but legit mails that someone sends to 'junk' or gets listed as spam incorrectly.

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