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    I would just like to thank all of the techincal support for their superb timely and efficient help in getting my site moved to my new VPS server!

    All systems are go on the website and a few of my members have already commented on the significant improved performace of the site. The ASP message forum is fully working with all its bells and whistles including the upload and mail features and the ASPMail forms are working perfectly.

    For all others reading this, I submitted techincal tickets running well into double figures asking for assistance on a wide range of things from basic questions to more complicated installation questions such as configuring a MySQL server and install Mail components, all were not just answered but fully resolved within a matter of hours! On occasion going above and beyond what you would expect from a technical support service. I am confident with IT but I am in no way a qualified web site designer or server manager.

    Well done to the support team of Thank you.

    Rob Clark
    Webmaster and Owner of
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Hello Rob, I got your email from last night(early this morning) and was about to reply it. Glad to know it is already done.

    We have had some nightmare of a morning with a DDOS attack against the very server(winvps hardware node) you are on! We were able to keep it under control enough that it sounds you did not even notice the issue, that is pretty neat :)
    The attacks started bout 3am last night and continued until about 12:30pm today. But at last they have been halted.
  3. BalearicJobs

    BalearicJobs Perch

    Ah, it probably explains one problem that I raised this morning on a ticket! ;)

    Thanks Stephen

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