Can I run VBS on a Windows server...

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by tommytx, May 15, 2010.

  1. tommytx

    tommytx Guppy

    Ok.. don't start laughing... I am a php VPS guy and have no idea what a windows server is... at least I think that is what this site is about.

    I think i want to purchase a windows hosting but not sure... at best maybe get in with a cheap package monthly until I see if it can do what I want...
    So my questions may not make much sense.. but I gotta ask....
    1. I do a lot of programming in vb6, and vbs... visual basic script.
    2. Of course since these programs need a windows desktop to run, they tie up computer time and the computer must be on 24x7.
    3. My question.. does having a windows server allow me to run a program on the server and not use my computer... is there a list of what can and cannot be run on the windows server..
    4. I have been a linus guy forever, but want to look into just what a windows server is all about...
    5. Maybe someone with a reseller site could just set me up on a reseller acccount for 90 days to see what its all about..and let me pay per month, or maybe I could build you some automation software for free.. I love automation.. hell maybe I could set you up a website and attach an IDX and then set you up a free Adwords account with 20,0000 real estate keyphrases all live and bringing in leads for free... think I am kidding just google "20,000 Key Phrase Adword Account Free." and you will see its real...
    6. Anyway any advice on what I could read about windows servers that would get me smart real quick in this area would be greatly appreciated.
  2. tommytx

    tommytx Guppy

    One last item while I am rambling... does anyone know of a Windows Server sporting software running that I could see like... VB6, VBS,
    Just to see what it looks like... Please... or just tell me I am all wet and to stop talking stupid like this.. windows don't do stuff like that...
  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    ASP.NET web apps can do a bit of this with etc, but not desktop apps, it must be web facing, anything needing a desktop GUI or interface isn't going to work in normal hosting/reseller setup.

    we do offer WinVPS accounts that offer remote desktop access and a large number of clients use it for desktop apps that need to be on 24/7 as you describe, but it is much different than the normal hosting accounts.
  4. tommytx

    tommytx Guppy

    Thanks Stephen, and I think I have answered my own question, I put together an autoit script program that visits a website each hour and grabs some stats and returns them to me... each hour... 24x7... its running off the desktop task thingy... and works just like it was on my desktop when in fact its on the web....
    My windows server has a desktop with IE installed and works just like my desktop..

    Thanks for the info..

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