Can someone explain "reseller" for me?

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by Phurion, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    Here's my situation...

    I currently have 2 domains with another provider. One is my primary, the other is a free "addon" domain. Both work independantly of each other, but managed through the same control panel. I might occasionally have need to set up an additional domain, and the LightHost Reseller plan offers way more than that as it is.

    What is the difference between going with the Windows Gold hosting plan ($18.95 per month) vs the LightHost reseller that's only $17.50 per month and seems to offer way more options for less money.

    Am I reading something wrong?

    Which plan would suit my needs best, based on the description I offered above? Windows Gold, or LightHost Reseller?

    Now that JodoHost has moved to SQL2005, I just can't justify the headaches I've been having with the other provider, so it's just a matter of figuring out which plan would work best for me before I make the switch.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions. I really appreciate it.

  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    there are a few differences, on the windows gold, you will get a little more hand holding if needed, in addition it is a direct account with limited need to setup a "service domain" or any reseller centric options.

    On the lite host, you can only have 33% of resources in one account, meaning you cant use 4GB of space for one domain, it is meant to be dispersed, and since Hsphere is a clustered environment this allows us to ensure better quality service for the long term, as we add servers it puts new accounts on other servers. You can easily setup a litehost for your own domains however, just setup them in no billing plans, but please do remember to turn OFF those non billing plans after you have finished sign up on them, as google does pick up the plan links and will allow some non-desirables to sign up for your plans as well.

    Let me know if you have any other issues/questions. I am not the sales department, but I can assist with much
  3. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    Ok, so if I'm understanding you correctly...

    On the LightHost options I could set up my primary domain as the reseller account, then I could set up the "addon" domain I have with the other provider as a non billing account.

    Hypothetically, I could allocate 1gb web space to each of these domains (neither use that much, but one might eventually) and still have 2gb left over to allocate to other domains if I choose to set some up.

    Is that correct?

    How is the monthly transfer allocation handled? My "addon" domain generates more traffic than my primary, but still nowhere near the 60gb monthly transfer offered in the plan. Is the monthly transfer also subject to the "33%" rule, or is that left up to my discretion, so long as I don't exceed the monthly allotted quota for the entire LightHost account?

    The "handholding" bit I could probably do without. I've hosted my own domains and colo'd some friends servers in my home for many years. Then I decided I didn't want the hardware maintenance headache and started using formal hosting providers. =) I can probably figure things out on my own, but if I have questions I'm sure I can contact support or post here on the forums and look for community support. Correct?

    I really appreciate the fast response. It's definitely helping things move along.

    Thanks Stephen!
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    First few, correct.

    As for the support, if you have an issue we are still there, we just ask you to check docs and such first before submiting a ticket for any little issue, like ay making index.aspx load instead of index.html, it is covered in the docs. We won't gripe at you even on reseller if you do but for a shared client we may go in set it, etc. of course if there were ever an error in setting it we are there to help anytime!

    On reseller accounts we are there to help YOU, not your end users(doesn't sounds like you will have any in the meantime anyway), unless you have anonymous support in place, which is an extra fee, but it sounds like it will mostly be you, so there is not any concern there even.

    anything else, we are here to help/answer.
  5. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    OK, I signed up and I'm trying to get things setup, but your reseller tutorial appears to be outdated. Several things seem to be missing. Some pages in the tutorial look "almost" like what I'm seeing, but the actual pages have additional options that aren't explained, or are missing some options all together.

    I'm on page trying to do step 2 on that page, and I'm not seeing the options the tutorial says I should be.

    I'm a fairly intelligent person, but this tutorial doesn't make sense to me.

  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    what part do you mean by step two on this page? sign up the plan?

    ON the Plans menu, drop it down and go to Manage, then click signup links, and go to the URL for the service account and complete the wizard.
  7. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    "Step 2: Signing up for Service Account"

    After "clicking on the magnafying glass" and filling out some basic info, I'm not seeing the option to "Register a Service Domain".

    The only options I'm given are Host existing site, Register a stopgap domain, and Register without domain.

    I think I've already screwed some things up.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    no nothing such, you just checked on the options all but service domain :D

    I have checked, corrected, and saved the plan for you, try again and you will see it on signup this time.

    Also remember after you have completed the signup to turn the no billing plan off :)
  9. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    OK, it was an option this time, and I completed the registration process, but haven't received my email.

    Turn off the billing option?

    I'm starting to think jodohost is just too smart for me. Maybe I need a dumbed down version. lol

    Getting kinda frustrated. All the problems with my previous host and now this?

  10. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    No, I meant turn the plan off for signup.

    This isn't really a problem, the account is still waiting to be made, on the top menu go to signup, then moderate, you have two there waiting to moderate, I think one won't be needed :)

    click on the username for the signup, then click on Create down at the bottom and you will be set.

    These steps are only required one time, for the reseller setup, then a little routine maintenance every month to submit new server alias's. So don't worry this won't happen much, and it is only part of the reseller setup :D
  11. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    Yet another screen that doesn't appear in the tutorial...

    After clicking "Create" per your instruction I get sent to a page with a table titled "Credit to account" that asks for the following input:

    ID String
    Include Taxes

    It won't let me submit without providing a value in the Amount field, but I see nothing explaining what that value is, or what it should be (if any).

    I'm glad this is just a one time thing. =)

    BTW...when I move my other domain over I'm assuming I should set it up under the non billing service account plan as well? I don't want to "bill myself" after all. :)
  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Yes set it up under non billing as well.

    :( It should not be asking for credit under a non billing plan, unput 0's here and it should bypass it.

    the thing is we upgraded from patch2 to patch3 after the tutorial was made, and they seem to have changed the plan setup wizards just in 1 patch. I will have the sales department to check it and revise the screenshots again to make this known.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Looks like you got it made :D
  14. Phurion

    Phurion Perch

    So far, so good, but I do have another question.

    How/where do I set up file/directory level permissions for the IUSR account in my control panel? I've looked at the file manager, and I've also tried via CHMOD in a couple of different FTP programs, but the latter doesn't work (reports back that the server didn't understand the command) and the file manager doesn't look to have any ability to change them. In FTP everything appears to be set to 777, but that can't be right, can it?
  15. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Windows does not understand CHMOD.

    The file manage tried to make the changes but is not always able, if you try soemthing and get an error send a ticket and we will check them manually and set to whatever you need.

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