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Discussion in 'Domain Registration' started by troll, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. troll

    troll Guppy

    In the domainsgofast dashboard, under the 'Domain' tab, I can change the value of the name servers.

    But, under the 'DNS' tab, and choosing the subcategory 'NS records', I cannot change the values. They are locked (there's a lock symbol next to the name servers).

    When I do a whois on my domain name, I am getting nameservers I don't want to use:

    Please help me remove these nameservers. I've waited over 48 hours for propagation.
  2. Shubham

    Shubham Windows Team Staff Member

    Please open a support ticket with mention domain name and your domain account login details. So we can check and update you back on ticket as soon as possible.
  3. troll

    troll Guppy

    I am registered with domainsgofast, I do not have a web server plan with jodohost (I used to). The Cerberus Helpdesk asks me to login with my HSphere username and password. I have forgotten this and I can't find the link to resend my password.

    I've tried logging in with my credentials for this forum, my credentials for domainsgofast and what I thought were my credentials for HSphere but I'm refused entry.
  4. abhishek

    abhishek Administrator Staff Member

    You can simply write a mail to us at customersupport(AT) mentioning all account details and a problem.

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