CL2-CP - Database Maintenance and Server Maintenance - 2/2 Saturday 10PM CST (UTC-6) until 5AM CST


US Operations
Staff member
We will be performing maintenance tasks on the database and the server both for CL2 Control Panel. These will be done as routine maintenance to optimize the database as it's gotten a bit slow this week, as well as server maintenance to do routine maintenance on the server.

The window is large and it won't be down the entire window but may be a split in the operations time between the two functions. This means you may see the control panel down, back up, then down again before maintenance is completed. This will not impact your other services database, mail, or web.

JodoHost Support
We will start CPDB maintenance in next couple of minutes.During maintenance period Hsphere control panel will not be available.
Hsphere control panel database(CPDB) maintenance completed.HSphere control panel service is now up and available for the users.