Classic ASP sending email - broken after upgrade

I have a script that sends mail using CDO that has been working fine for years, but after a Jodohost server upgrade (I believe to iis7) recently it's now broken, and because iis7 by default turns off error reporting for Classic ASP, I can't see what the error is - all I know is it breaks when it gets to myMail.Send

Anyone have any ideas?
CDOSYS or CDONTS? CDOSYS will still work, CDONTS has been officially phased out since the moved to 2003 from 2000 which was a long time back. We did have CDONTS on a few servers still after the Miami to Waco move but most didn't have it any longer.
Think it's CDOSYS, since I'm creating using Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message"), but it's been such a long time since that script was created I'm not terribly sure! ;-)

Is there a blog post / page which details the recommended way of sending mail from a Jodohost server using Classic ASP?
Please raise support ticket with the detail, file location where you have mentioned mail script. We will check the same and update you back as soon as possible.