ColdFusion Performance

I'll double check, but I have the session timeout variable set to 20 minutes, and this happens in much less time than that. Also I would get an error or something, wouldn't I. Not just a blank page?

This blank page also happens on, where there are no session variables.
Ok, I've pasted the code below. I use this to lock the session scope so that if they exit, it will prompt them again. See anything?

<cfapplication name="myclientpro" clientmanagement="Yes" sessionmanagement="Yes" setclientcookies="No" sessiontimeout="#CreateTimeSpan(0,0,20,0)#" applicationtimeout="#CreateTimeSpan(1,0,0,0)#">
<CFHEADER NAME="Pragma" VALUE="no-cache">
<CFHEADER NAME="cache-control" VALUE="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate">
<cfset thedsn = 'agathen_autosmart'>
<CFIF not IsDefined("Cookie.CFID")>
<cfif (IsDefined("Session.LoggedIn") and isdefined("session.companyid") and isdefined("session.employeeid")) and session.loggedin eq 1>
<cfset session.loggedin = 1>
<cfset session.LoggedIn = 0>

This Is Absolutely Crazy! Cannot Even Be Used Today. You Click On The Page, It Loads, Click On Another Page And Get A Blank Screen That Says Done!

This Has Gone On For Weeks And I've Had It!

Please Get This Fixed Right Away!
I am not seeing this happening? I am browsing around it right now. I also see nothing in the logs for this at this time :(
Manish and I are checking with you and seems to be great, servers are scared of me, when I try to find a problem it doesnt come up, when I step away it blows up....

As for the login issue, I found only clicking on the admin functions forces a logout, otherwise I have been online logged in since, testing it for you alongside Manish.
Page loads fine here, though admittedly the first page load was somewhat slow (paused for a couple of seconds). Refreshed a bunch of times without problems either. I'm not saying the problem is non-existant, but at least for the time being it's OK.

Incidentally, Are You In Love With Your Shift Key? :)