Connecting to MSDE (Please help)

Discussion in 'Database Support' started by isheikh, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. isheikh

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    I installed MSDE from my MS office 2002 CD. Using MS access I created a project and then a database in MSDE. My question is when I connect to my datatbase, in my ASP code do I where I write the connection string do I put down the project name? or the database name? I noticed that the MSDE saved the project in the folder where i wanted but the database belong to that project is some other folder?

    My second question is when you create MSDE database using Access as front end application is it possible to by pass the project and just make database straight?

  2. kiwipaul

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    The following site explains it better than I can
    SQL ASP Script

    The MSDE database is a cut down SQL server database. It can be called from all sorts of applications. Have a go at doing it with ASP.NET microsofts latest version of ASP it is faster and easier to code in.


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