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Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by Alidad, Feb 27, 2006.

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    I really not sure how the payment works, I?m reseller member and I have already put my in reseller account to point to the

    One of my new customer singed up for hosting account and they gave us credit card number where to charge them.

    The next things I?m trying to figure out how to setup by put my client credit card number where I needed to charge them from cp account, I could not figure out how to setup that.

    Does anyone can help me tell me where do I need to insert my customer credit card number to charge them for monthly hosting account using! or how to set up that please.

  2. Atul

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    The easiest way would be to allow your customer to pay directly at 2Checkout. It seems you have already enabled 2CO in CP. Give following instructions for payment:

    1. When you signup, please select select 2CO.

    2. You will be directed to 2CO site where you will input your credit card details.

    After your customer pays at 2CO, you will get an email from 2CO that payment has been made. 2CO sends another email after fraud check of the payment.

    Once you have confirmed payment from 2CO. In your Admin CP, go to Singup, then Moderate and activate that account. In Billing section you will manually credit his payment.

    I do not think 2CO has any option to manually charge his CC. Also if you tried to charge on his behalf, it may not go through becuase of 2CO Fraud check. They checks location of customer also.
  3. frankiben123

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