data revovery and security


I wanted to know a couple of things:

1) If a hard drive crashes on the server that my site is on, i guess I will be knocked offline and all my data will be lost. Is that true?

2) What measures have you taken so that no one at JodoHost or any hacker gets hold of my data?
A1) Your site will not be knocked offline. We use RAID1 i.e. we have two hard drives on the server which mirror each other. So if one hard drive crashes, the other hard drive takes over without any data loss. In the rare case where both hard drives crash together or some software error occurs, we can recover the entire hard drive from tape backups.

A2) We don't allow our employees to leave or enter with any floppy disks or CDs so they can't possibly carry in our out any data. Additionally, they are not allowed to access your files unless you specifically ask for assistance.