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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Radio_Man, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Radio_Man

    Radio_Man Guppy

    Hello Jodohost,

    I wanted to step and inform you that your extra disk space charges $.10/MB is way out of line....too expensive. X(

    You can get disk space on many other hosting services for $.15/GB.
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We typically suggest upgrading to the next plan, if you are already on the highest plan and need more space, our sales dept can work with you to meet your needs.
  3. Radio_Man

    Radio_Man Guppy

    Hello Stephen,

    We are at the highest plan. But, we will contact the sales department nonetheless.


  4. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

  5. zMaestro

    zMaestro Perch

    same for bandwidth too, charge $100 for an extra 100GB of bandwidth per month is too expensive
    I get 1 TB of bandwidth for only $5 in other places
  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    and 1TB costs well more than $5 to provide....
  7. Kensino

    Kensino Perch

    Some hosts give you unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth but those companies are normally going out of business very quick and they are not very good web hosts. They suck. Their support sucks. JodoHost normally will work with you when you have a unique problem, if you contact sales. They have worked with me many times. JodoHost support seems to be very smart most other hosts have retards for support. You can go with a cheap host but you will get what you pay for.
  8. antic

    antic Perch

    +1 Kensino.

    People say all the time that company xyz is 10x cheaper, unlimited, whatnot, and there is usually a reason for that. By all means give those companies a try, but tread carefully, as their business model may not support your requirements in terms of reliability, support, etc. You get what you pay for; disk & traffic aren't the only considerations, there's much more to a good hosting package.
  9. arya

    arya Guppy

    It hurts when you are on a small account. For my overage of 200MB I got charged $42 (the usual I pay is $17.50 - LiteHost). Been on that plan for 5 years now and I have no intentions of going bigger. I don't mind paying 5-10$ extra but hsphere billed me more than double.
  10. antic

    antic Perch

    I assume it's your clients causing the overage to your reseller account? You can hard-set your clients' disk space, so they can't use more than you determine. Otherwise if they use more than their allocation, that's where you recoup the fee you're charged. You should be charging clients for overage too.

    But this all comes down to the calculated risk of overselling, which I know is often unavoidable to compete. If you have a lot of clients with a lot of needs, then this will happen. The static-page-only clients, who use 0.1% of your reseller quota should balance out the needy clients who use a lot more.

    But also, as a reseller, you have to sell value-added services on top of hosting - it's difficult to compete with hosting alone, unless you have a lot of clients with minimal needs. But these days a client will install some forum/CMS/blog and suddenly they're uploading videos of their footy team games and blowing your business model. :)

    That makes it a harder world for resellers. But if what you make from reselling doesn't support the cost of growing the plan, then that implies you have too many big clients with larger needs, and not enough small clients to pay for it.

    Whatever the issue is, an extra $17.50/month for twice the resources isn't much to ensure you don't get whacked with overage. It's just a numbers game.

    For me, as an owner-operator reseller, with my clients being local and knowing me personally, I'm very comfortable with the *service* Jodo provides - the cost of the service (which is negligible - come on, we're not talking about $100 or even $50/month) is entirely up to me to manage, like any business.
  11. cacu100

    cacu100 Guppy

    I have the same situation, our disk space is short. we have the maximun plan offered by jodohost. Please tell me how do you solve your problem
  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    For now talk with sales. they can help you.
  13. FoxMedia

    FoxMedia Guppy

    Use Less than 5% extra disk space, pay More than 130% $.

    this is the POLICY.
  14. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    You always has option to move on next higher plan, when you start getting "Warning (Approaching resource limit) " email notifications. However, we have already mentioned add on resources charges with our reseller hosting packages at www.jodohost.com/reseller.asp

    If you are ignoring the email notification that made you aware, it means you ready to pay add-on charges.
  15. antic

    antic Perch

    Ingrates. :)

    When a company says, "talk to sales, they will work with you to help you with your requirements," you know you're working with a decent company, one that is at least willing to try and arrange something. That kind of support is worth paying for, if you care at all about your business.

    It's easy to compare hosts and see what the real numbers are. A certain well-regarded host (won't name names of course) charges $40/month for their lowest Windows HSphere reseller plan, at 100GB/month and 10GB storage. It's clear Jodo offers better value than that, but if Jodo's support and reliability was terrible, then it wouldn't matter if they were cheaper, would it? But they're just as good, so therefore they're a great choice. Jodo is also very well regarded out there. Go try a dirt cheap company and see if it buys you anything but headaches.

    1) You're not comparing apples with apples. Overage is not the same as normal fees. Overage is supposed to be more expensive.
    2) That well-regarded company I mentioned, charges $2/GB overage. Still think Jodo is expensive?

    There's a reason why overage is more expensive. It's to encourage moving up to a bigger plan. If you are using more than your plan allows, then of course you need a bigger plan! That's what plans are for, whether you're a web host or a mobile phone company.

    Conclusion: Jodo is somewhat cheaper than it's peers, not more expensive. All arguments to the contrary are not comparing Jodo with a similarly respectable and reliable operation.
  16. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We'll be working on some aspects soon too :D
  17. jph

    jph Perch


    I have to agree with the original poster, from 2009. The price has not changed even since then. Jodo still lists:

    "Additional Disk Space $0.10/MB per Month"

    ...and that is if you purchase it intentionally as a block, not overage. That is outrageously huge, if all you want to do is add a GB (seriously, $100???) or two to your capacity. ... even if that list price is off by a decimal place, still way out of line. ... and that has been the way it has been listed for a long time. If it is wrong, can someone tell me the real price?
  18. antic

    antic Perch

    I'm not sure what you mean by "purchase it intentionally". The price you're quoting there is for *overage*, which means you "accidentally" go over your quota.

    If you wish to permanently add traffic to your account, I think sales might be able to help you for a different cost, if I read Stephen's response above correctly. Why not just ask them before making assumptions?
  19. jph

    jph Perch

    I'm sorry... either you are wrong (and slightly arrogant and rude), or Jodo has not clearly represented its pricing and policy on this.

    Also, I am talking about disk storage space, not bandwidth (which is also expensive as an add on) as disk space is the topic of this thread.

    Look here:

    At the bottom, there are "Addons". In other words, things you can add on to your plan. (Not penalties for overage). One of the ADD ONS is:

    "Additional Disk Space $0.10/MB per Month"
  20. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    that is the extra pricing yes, if you need more than that on a regular basis talk to our sales dept. In the coming months we'll be having even more options coming :)

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