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  1. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Hi Folks,

    I am a reseller and am curious if there is a way to accomplish this.

    I have a potential new client who has an application that requires that FFmpeg be installed/allowed on the server.

    It is my understanding that this is not allowed/installed for Reseller shared accounts..is that in fact the case?

    If not..are there any other alternatives that would be available within JodoHost that would allow for FFmpeg to be installed and what are they? Dedicated? Semi-Dedicated? VPS? Managed? etc.

    Any known options and what their price points might be for being able to do this would be appreciated!

  2. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    Windows VPS will be the best option, if you trying to first test the same.
  3. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Thank you for the reply Gurmeet!

    Is there a way I can test out VPS to see if it would work? I thought at one time it was offered through H-Sphere to resellers but I no longer see that as being available. Unless I am missing something.

    If I go in through H-sphere and try to create a VPS plan I see this message:

    Please note, there are no servers in the group currently available for signup.

    So is there any other way to test out if VPS would work?

  4. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    You need to signup for a Windows VPS account from www.jodohost.com/windows-vps.asp and pay for the account you want. We are offering 30 days money back on the same, if you are not satisfy, then you may fill cancellation form with in 30 days we will deduct cancellation charges and will refund you rest money.

    You will not be able to signup for VPS through your hosting cp, you need to signup from JodoHost website.
  5. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Thank you for replying with this available option Gurmeet!
  6. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Can FFMpeg also be installed on a Linux VPS?

  7. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Yes on VPS ffmpeg can be available, but it may be slow, we've got some great deals on dedicated servers right now if you want full power for great performance. Of course the use case needs to have some revenue to cover that, so if it's just a small project vps may work if something more you may want to consider dedicated. FFMPEG gobbles up the cpu :)

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