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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by kbim, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I wanted to drop my feedback in here. I've been in online marketing for about 10 years, mostly working on dedicated projects. I like having a reseller hosting plan because I do a few client sites here and there and a lot of personal projects and reseller hosting gives me the freedom to play around without paying the big bucks for, or spending the time to manage a server. Before JodoHost I had tried two other hosts with poor experiences, one that I flubbed the research on and the other, having come highly recommended across the web, which went downhill as it secretly sold out to a competitor with a record of abusing and ignoring customers (anyone familiar with WHT will recognize this debacle). At that time, I and a number of other customers from that host made the switch to JodoHost - this was over a year ago for me.

    Since that time I have had only very sporadic, minor issues that are completely in line with the kind of issues one can expect from any dealings with a web hosting platform. From a support point of view, JodoHost is outstanding. When there are unexpected issues, JodoHost is excellent about posting them to the forum and updating the posts until the issue is resolved. When there are planned outages, they are equally good about posting them to the forum and updating them until they're resolved. Any reasonable person cannot ask for more than this.

    Furthermore, support requests - and even general questions - are attended to with alarming speed by the always friendly staff. Whatever the question, they'll have you an answer in short order and they'll keep working at it until everything is clear.

    They're also timely and efficient on billing - a tell tale sign of a good operation. Many hosts get behind in their billing or become sporadic which means that they're running a disorganized shop. When someone's lax about making money then you can hardly expect them to be efficient about the rest of the job. JodoHost bills me on time, every month, I pay on time, every month, and my service is excellent - every month.

    I could go on for a bit, but there are plenty of other testimonials here to read. As with any reseller host there are things I would change, but most of these result from the reseller platform in general. If you want true flexibility you need to run your own server or have one managed. However, for the price of this platform the service and product is quite impressive and has kept me a loyal customer for longer than I've been at any other reseller.

    So, kudos to you, JodoHost, and thanks for the great service so far. I hope that any potential customers reading this will take the opportunity to host with JodoHost because it really is a first class experience.

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