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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by mtbvfr, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Your first line support is generally inept and it is not until I receive a response from Tanmaya that the problem gets resolved.

    I want someone higher up to attend to Ticket [JH #MUX-53830-450] regarding the changing of my SSL certificate from CAcert to RapidSSL and then post the solution here so that others may benefit.

    Thank you,
    Michael Holberton
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    Really, I don't see that it is 'inept' in any way.

    This doesn't happen in most cases, if you are buying SSL for Hsphere CP SSL pick Hsphere, if you are buying to protect a website, pick IIS.

    The SSL generation process is less than 'user friendly' and not everyone can know what is presented in each situation. It gets even more tricky if you have already generated a CSR but have to redo it if you did not save the old CSR and Private Key, as you have to disable it and redo it all.
    So when you get the new CSR and Private Key, be SURE to save it in a safe place, it will be needed later, next year, etc for renewing without having to turn it off.

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