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Discussion in 'PHP or PERL Snips' started by Viper1, Apr 9, 2006.

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    For those who would like a great links directory for their web site I have found a great one "Site Sift Listings" that is available for free download. It uses php and My Sql and makes static links with mod re-write. Good for SEO links.
    I have also made a free php mod for this directory that lists all links in the directory and can check for reciprocal links if required. The directory will accept free, paid, reciprocal, or sponsor links and has PayPal integeration.
    You can read more about and download both here: Free Software Scripts and Templates Downloads - Download Free Php Scripts

    Update: June 25, 2008. I would also like to highly suggest that anyone who is considering setting up a directory view information from php Link Directory which is now considered to be one of the top directory scripts available. They have a free version also and a premium version for $25.00 which is feature packed. You can view information about it and if you have any questions you could ask them on their php Link Directory Forum

    Also visit our International Market Place Directory and submit your website. We accept your main url plus up to 5 deep links to your site for maximum exposure.
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    That is great I would like to replace the one i have at Is there any way it can keep the same path names, im not very good with PHP?
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    I will give you a link to what is currently the best web directory script available. It is the same one that I am using now: php Link Directory They offer both a free and paid version. The paid is only $25 and has many good features so I would suggest that if you want to make a high quality directory that you choose the paid version which is currently version 3.3. It will accept website links ( free - paid - reciprocal ) and also can accept free or paid article submissions. Many mods and templates are available for this link directory script.
    You can see some of the mods available and also how the directory can be setup at the phpLD Mods Directory or the Premium Business Directory in my signature.

    The path names can be set like what you have now and are pretty easy to configure right in the directory admin panel.

    If you need any further information, you may contact me direct using the contact form on the phpLD Mods site or can view the script owners forum at:
    php Link Directory Forum where you can get more information about the script and ask any questions that you may have. If you need installation help, for a small fee James at the forum could help you or I could completely setup the directory for you.
  4. EFlight

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    Thanks for them links i will check them out.

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