ftp file count - interesting challenge


I have an interesting problem; I have a folder of images uploaded by users. What I need to do is get a count of how many files are in there. There's probably way over 15,000 files in there; my ftp program just hangs trying to do a 'ls', and it seems there is no "count" command in ftp (this is a Win server).
Any ideas on how to get an accurate file count?

There's a 2nd part to this: The files are named by userid, with a sequential suffix - ie: abc01, abc02, abc03, bbc01, bbc02, bbc03, etc. I need to take the first of each id - ie: abc01, bbc01, etc. and ftp only these files to another server. The total number of files to transfer will be in the 5000 region. Obviously way to many to do this by hand, and I also don't want to have to download and then re-upload 5000 large image files.

Anybody got any ideas on how i might approach this problem? I don't mind paying a coder to do this for me, but first I need to even define how it might be done.

Have you tried Filezilla? I have found it to handle large FTP directories a lot larger than other apps.
Thanks for the tip. Installed filezilla and it looks like a great app. I'll definitely be using it for big file transfers. Ands it did give me the file count i needed.

However, it still only solves half my problem. To transfer from my server to another server, I'd still need to download then upload again, which I'm trying to avoid. (drag n drop between different instances of filezilla is not yet implemented).

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