Getting OnClick Buttons to Work with XML

I am working on a project for school and have hit a brick wall. The HTML code below calls up the first recordset in the XML document JUST FINE. It displays the picture and text without problem. Here's the problem. The buttons at the bottom don't do anything. No page refresh, no data update. I can't figure it out. If you can offer some help, please post it here:

<title>XML Data Test</title>

<xml id="try" src="default.xml"></xml>
<img datasrc="#try" datafld="Cover"> </img>
Artist: <div datasrc="#try" datafld="Artist"></div>
Album: <div datasrc="#try" datafld="cd"></div>
Year: <div datasrc="#try" datafld="Year"></div>
Song: <div datasrc="#try" datafld="Song"></div>

<BUTTON ONCLICK="try.recordset.moveFirst()">&lt;&lt;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ONCLICK="try.recordset.movePrevious()">&lt;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ONCLICK="try.recordset.moveNext()">&gt;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ONCLICK="try.recordset.moveLast()">&gt;&gt;</BUTTON>


Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. -Byron
Oh I did not read this in assocation with the PM, I guess you are not usng an ASP Code, I don't know XML well enough to help you :(
Nope. The teacher doesn't want us to use any ASP or Javascript. It kinda sucks since I know ASP so well. This is my first stab at XML. It's so frustrating when everything looks like it should work and it just doesn't.