Google hacking is really harmful so protect your website..

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    Google hacking involves using advance operators in the Google search engine to locate specific strings of text within search results. Some of the more popular examples are finding specific versions of vulnerable Web applications. The following search query would locate all web pages that have that particular text contained within them. It is normal for default installations of applications to include their running version in every page they serve, e.g., "Powered by XOOPS 2.2.3 Final".

    The following search query will locate all websites that have the words "admbook" and "version" in the title of the website. It also checks to ensure that the web page being accessed is a PHP file.

    intitle:admbook intitle:version filetype:php

    Another technique is searching for insecure coding practices in the public code indexed by Google Code Search or other source code search engines.

    One can even retrieve the username and password list from Microsoft FrontPage servers by inputting the given microscript in Google search field:

    "#-Frontpage-" inurl:administrators.pwd

    Devices connected to the Internet can be found. A search string such as inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=" will find public web cameras.

    Advanced Operators

    What To Type Into Search Box (& Description of Results)

    link: linked pages (Find pages that link to the apyl website)

    info: Info about a page (Find information about the apyl website)

    related: Related pages (Find websites related to the apyl website)

    intitle: Searches for strings in the title of the page
    intitle:conference (Find pages with "conference" in the page title)

    allintitle: Searches for all strings within the page title
    allintitle:apyl workshop (Find pages with "workshop" and "apyl" in the page title

    Doesn't combine well with other operators)

    inurl: Searches for strings in the URL
    inurl:hacking (Find pages with the string "hacking" in the URL)

    allinurl: Searches for all strings within the URL
    allinurl:hacking computer (Find pages with “hacking†and "computer" in the URL.

    Doesn't combine well with other operators)

    filetype: or ext: Searches for files with that file extension
    filetype:ppt (Find files with the "ppt" file extension.".ppt" are MS PowerPoint files.)

    Display the Google cache
    of the page (Show the cached version of the page without performing the search)

    phonebook: or
    rphonebook: or

    Display all, residential,
    business phone listings
    phonebook:Mohit Yadav (Find all phone book listing for Mohit yadav.

    Cannot combine with other searches)

    Mohit Yadav

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