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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by sonata, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. sonata

    sonata Perch

    I have been slowly moving my clients from my former hosting service, which probably began hemorrhaging customers after they botched a datacenter move last year. It's hard to know since they took down their forums after getting roasted by the customer base. There, that should be enough hints to any fellow sufferers.

    The only site I have left over there is my own, a situation which hopefully will be corrected this weekend. I've been quiet, but my many thanks to JH support for helping me make this move
    as painless as possible. I've dealt with several personnel via LiveChat, a wonderful tool for getting immediate answers and assistance. I love having the forums again so I can learn from the experience of the JH customer base. I look forward to a long and harmonious relationship with JH.

    As an aside, I'm curious just how many of us rats left the sinking ship and ended up at JH. Anyone have any idea? I came across one surprise during my move, and saw a message from another yesterday. Anyone have a headcount? I'm not interested in rehashing old pain, just curious how many of us ended up here.
  2. hafa

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    I get the feeling that many of us here are "refugees" from bad hosting companies. I moved to JH about a year ago and have loved every minute of it here. These guys are simply the best. The peace of mind I enjoy here allows me to focus on my core business rather than worrying over a potential crisis with my host.

    Sonata, consider yourself fortunate in that you had the luxury of time. My last host crashed all their servers two days before I was to depart to SE Asia for two weeks. 48 sleepless hours and untold $$$ of hired help later, I'd moved everyone to JH just before my departure. The JH staff was excellent and really facilitated my hasty move.


    Just saw your last've the same former host as me...small hosting world...
  3. p0rtmonkey

    p0rtmonkey Guppy

    I would definitely recommend JH for all of your hosting needs. I've been with them for the past two years and I would HATE to have to switch to someone else. They're very friendly and can always answer all of my questions. Definitely an A+ as far as support and service is concerned.
  4. I have been with Jodo for a Year after serveral bad experiences with past Resellers (5).

    I am glad these bad experiences with the other companies happen early in my hosting career, when I had very few clients and the moves were still hard but possible. If I ever had to make a change again, I would be in big trouble as I am growing well now and the move would damage me.

    Jodo is great and I can now have sleepless nights and don't have to worry like I use to. If one of my clients contacts me on my live chat and I don't know the answer, Jodo's Live Chat comes in play, and its a great tool to have 24/7. ALso shows my customers I offer great support 24/7 as well and that is what makes us succeed in this business.

    Anyone thinking of joining JodoHost, don't hesitate. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and equipment and server issues happen with everyone, it is how its handled that counts.

    Jodo helps as a partner and their staff is amazing, especially the Managers (Stephen,Tanmaya,Deepak,Kuldeep,Prakash). I know Tanmaya on a first hand bases and we talk often (He is Great).

    Atul and Yash are great as well, being the Founders and always in the forum helping out and answering questions, you don't see this alot with other companies.

    I will be expanding my business with Jodo this year, and will be offereing Dedicated Servers and Reseller options to my clients.

    Thanks Jodo. :)
  5. alierras

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    I haven't ended up here but I'm thinking of it as I'm not happy with my current hosting company. I assume you highly recommend JH, right?
  6. cc9

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    count me in :(
    just moved last month ...

    you moved from res-cen ... right ;)
  7. sonata

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    More refugees from that "other" company. I wonder if they're still in business? For a hoot I just went to their site and the last news item on the main page is about a bandwidth problem a year ago.

    What was really funny was going to their support page, which is completely blank. That's ironic since I and others came over due to a lack of support and communication.

    I'm enjoying my experience here immensely, especially the communication part. Many thanks to Tanmaya, Yash, Stephen, and all the rest. I apologize for being so bad with names, but I'm still on my first cup of coffee.
  8. jhc

    jhc Guppy

    My account has been open less than 48 hours but I've opened 8 or 9 tickets to deal with setup issues, domain issues etc and each and every time, the ticket was responded to in less than 15 minutes. Moreover, the answer each time was clear and whatever action needed was taken.

    Given my experience with other web hosting providers -- even good ones -- this is a rare, rare situation these days.

    My hats off to all the support/sales people at jodohost. You've made my move here most pleasant.

    Best regards,


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