H-Sphere Cluster 1 (June 23rd, 2007) STATUS

Since someone hijacked my last thread for their issues I am posting this again...


I have been a very small reseller (just for a few clients) for a number of years... since back before 2007.

I don't do a lot on here as only have a few clients, but I was wondering if over the years this Cluster 1 has ever been updated with more modern servers or if these are still on the same servers they were on pre 2007.

I ask as I noticed over the years a few clients were migrated or moved to the newer Cluster 2, but it has been so long since then I thought maybe all of the hardware over time had been upgraded anyway.

Just curious as to how cluster 1 compares to cluster 2 now from a hardware standpoint.


We've been through several upgrades since 2007 on cluster1, but from a hardware standpoint by middle of June everything will be completely upgraded and on a standard hybrid cloud platform on modern Intel Xeon CPUs, with SAS drives, SSD Flash arrays for the io intensive servers, an a SAN based expansion system, along with cloud based scrubbing of attacks and offloading capability (which is causing a few issues right now in some cases, but being addressed with permanent solutions as we go)

So yes CL1 has been updated, and being updated more than ever now!